Decked in the hall

A festive start to a brand new series from the bestselling author of ‘The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries.’

It’s Christmas in Cherrytree Downs and everyone is looking forward to the annual dinner dance at the village hall. But tragedy strikes when one of the villagers dies. Mobile librarian Penny Finch, an avid mystery reader, immediately suspects foul play.

With bumbling PC Bolton out of his depth, and Inspector Monroe new to the area, it’s up to Penny and her rescue puppy Fischer to help solve the crime. But under the surface of this idyllic English village lurk secrets and lies.

Will Penny be able to dig beneath the shine to get to the murky truth? Can Fischer help sniff out the red herrings and unearth the clues they need to catch a murderer?

Or will their nose for trouble lead them down the wrong track entirely?

Get your paws on the first cozy mystery featuring sleuthing duo Finch & Fischer, and follow them as they attempt to solve a series of crimes in the six villages and hamlets that make up Hampsworthy Downs.


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