Battered to Death Finch & Fischer Mysteries Book 3 by J. New

Battered to death

Intrepid sleuthing duo Finch & Fischer are back and it's not long before they are in trouble.

When the owner of a much loved business in Rowan Downs is found dead in bizarre circumstances, it leaves the county villagers shocked.

The case leads in one direction but as her little rescue dog Fischer sniffs out clues, mobile librarian Penny Finch wonders if the police are on the wrong track.

Told to stay out of it by DI Monroe, Penny attempts to keep her word, especially when a former television celebrity confesses. However, when Fischer becomes increasingly excited, she’s helpless to do anything but follow where he leads, even if it means endangering her own life.

Battered to Death is Book 3 in the cozy mystery series featuring mobile librarian Penny Finch and her rescue pup Fischer. Follow as they sniff out clues and dig up red herrings in the six villages and hamlets that make up Hampsworthy Downs.


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