a double life

When a simple case of abandonment becomes an international threat.

Autumn, 1936. Ella Bridges, Scotland Yard’s only female consultant is shocked to find a baby abandoned in Kensington Palace Gardens. With no adult in sight and a deadly storm brewing she has no choice but to take him home. The child is swiftly reunited with his parents and Ella believes that’s the end of the matter, but the next day a body is found under the Serpentine Bridge.

When the murder investigation takes a clandestine turn, Ella finds herself in an unfamiliar world of secret tunnels and cryptic codes and risks being pushed out of the case altogether. Will her lack of knowledge and experience mean she’s side-lined completely? Or can she utilise her extraordinary skills to halt the looming threat and prevent an international catastrophe?

A Double Life is set in 1930's England and is the fifth book in The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery series.


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