A Clerical Error

When the crime scene is pure coincidence and there’s no evidence, how do you prove it was murder?

Ella Bridges faces her most challenging investigation so far when the vicar dies suddenly at the May Day Fete. But with evidence scarce and her personal life unravelling in ways she could never have imagined, she misses vital clues in the investigation.

Working alongside Sergeant Baxter of Scotland Yard, will Ella manage to unearth the vital clues needed to catch the killer before another life is lost? Or will personal shock cloud her mind before she can stop another tragedy?

An Accidental Murder is set in 1930's England and is the third in The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery series.


"This particular series continues to entertain me thoroughly. Very much in the line of Christie but with a ghost to be seen now and then. Right up my alley."
"Absolutely loved it. A cozy mystery with a ghost cat. A new author for me but one whose work is utterly enjoyable."
"Another fabulous book from the series. J. New has a wonderful way of making you feel like you are actually there in the story, and keeps you guessing to the end!"
"A book set in the 1930's and a woman who sees spirits combine to make an enjoyable story, worthy of Agatha Christie herself. The adventures and characters are fascinating and incredibly readable."

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